Sterilac is the oldest yoghurt brand in UAE with history of over 40 years. This brand is known for its unique formulation which is slightly sour and provide a typical taste to the yoghurt which is suitable not only for eating plain but is also used quite heavily for the purpose of cooking some dishes. The Sterilac yoghurt is made like a typical yoghurt which is prepared at home. Its unique formulation does not contain any additives or preservatives. Hence, the brand has acquired a distinct positioning of ‘Just Like Homemade’.

Our Consumers :

The brand is primarily targeted at housewives from different communities like Asians, Arabs – Locals and Expats. The different sized packs available with the brand allows it to be consumed by consumers with different needs.

Contributors to Sterilac’s success :

Its unique formulation for which the brand is known has been consistently delivered for over 40 years. Also, its inherent brand image of ‘just like homemade’ assured the consumers of the taste similar to that of yoghurt prepared back home. In addition, the accessibility of the brand in terms of its availability and affordability contributed significantly to its leadership position.


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