LabanUP is the longest serving laban brand with sustained leadership for over 40 years. It is the largest selling brand with over 65% market share in the laban category. Synonymous, with the Laban category, LabanUP is positioned on the platform of healthy and nutritious beverage. In fact, over its long period of existence LabanUP in gable top has become a power brand which is universally recognized and consumed by consumers across the UAE’s cosmopolitan society. As a result of its long standing successful existence, brand has developed a bond of trust with its consumers. Its unique formulation with right amount of salt content provides a healthy source of hydration and energy in the sweltering heat of the summer. The brand because of its unique formulation and nutritional values has found multiple usage and research indicates that brand is consumed on different times and occasions of the day sometimes as a thirst quencher, meal on its own, accompaniment to food, and so on.

Our Consumers :

LabanUP has always appealed to consumers from across the diverse socio-economic segments of UAE be it of any age, gender, colour, creed or religion.

Contributors to LabanUP’s success :

The consistency with which LabanUP has delivered the same taste and quality for over 40 years is the biggest contributor to its success. In addition, ever pervasive distribution of the brand makes sure that it is always available wherever or whenever you need it.


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